GEPTO Wall and ceiling panels

GEPTO Wall and ceiling panels

You will find more information about wall and ceiling panels on our website. Gepto Nature in a modern way – this is the best way to characterise GEPTO wall and ceiling panels. The combination of three-dimensional wood elements together with a subdued background is the ideal finish for original and original spaces. The multitude of combinations in combining wood louvres and backgrounds means that GEPTO panels can be matched to any décor. Panele ścienne i sufitowe

Wall and ceiling panels

GEPTO wall and ceiling panels are 20x40mm laminated and veneered louvres of the species: Oak, Beech, Ash, Sapeli (mahogany) impregnated to fire rating B-s2,d0 and fixed to a laminated board with fire rating B-s2,d0. Above is a graphic showing the available species and colours.
Panele ścienne i sufitowe


GEPTO COMPLETO wall panels are a decorative element for indoor use. The panels are made of laminated or veneered board, which has a low resistance to moisture and therefore must not come into direct contact with water. GEPTO COMPLETO panels are made of lamellas, thin slats, attached to a “back” made of laminated or veneered board. This form of assembly makes the substrate on which the panels are laid invisible. Both the board and the individual lamellas of the GEPTO COMPLETO collection are impregnated with agents ensuring fire resistance to class B-s2, d0. GEPTO COMPLETO comes in three colours as standard: white, black and ash. However, when ordering from our carpentry shop, it is possible to customise the laminate or veneer. In addition to the panels and backs, our carpentry also offers all the necessary materials for their assembly.


GEPTO CALADO wall panels are a modern, decorative element to be installed on walls and ceilings inside residential and commercial premises. When deciding to install these panels, it is important to remember that they are made of wood-based materials, so their resistance to moisture is limited. GEPTO CALADO panels, like all other panels produced by the Gepetto carpentry, are certified for fire resistance, which each customer receives when purchasing. A detailed description is available with the product card. In the company shop, in addition to GEPTO CALADO panels, we also have all the necessary materials for their installation. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.


GEPTO SOLO wall and ceiling panels are a decorative element popularly installed in flat interiors, offices or showrooms. They are made of laminated or veneered wood-based materials. It is not recommended to install GEPTO SOLO panels in rooms with high humidity. GEPTO SOLO panels are easy to install. They consist of individual lamellas, thin slats, which are glued to the wall using special double-sided tape. Each lamella already comes with tape when purchased. To install it, simply cut the lamella to the desired length, peel off the protective film, apply the lamella to the wall or ceiling and hold for approximately 30 seconds. This form of installation means that the individual lamellas can be mounted at any distance. The substrate on which the lamellas are mounted is visible through their openwork structure.


GEPTO SEPARADO panels are a decorative element often used to divide individual living areas or business premises. The panels are in the form of slats made of wood-based materials board covered with laminate or veneer. GEPTO SEPARADO panels, like all Gepetto carpentry products, are certified for fire resistance. The exact attestation data are available in the product sheet. GEPTO SEPARADO wall panels are mounted on metal slats fixed to the floor and ceiling. The panels can be placed anywhere in the room, which is why they are often used to create partition walls. Their openwork structure means that they do not create a new room, but only separate parts of it. This type of panel is ideal for offices, restaurants or rooms where services are provided, such as beauty salons. The panels make it possible to create a separate space for guests or clients, which does not completely separate them from the other people in the room. In addition to GEPTO SEPARADO panels, our company shop also has all the materials necessary for their installation. We encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

GEPTO comes in two sizes:

Panele ścienne i sufitowe Panele ścienne i sufitoweSLIM 200x2794mm – is mainly dedicated to invisible mounting (clips) on the ceiling and wall. It comes in two louvre spacings: X3 – 30mm between, X8 – 80mm between.
MAX 500x2794mm – a less expensive alternative to SLIM, which can be mounted visibly on the ceiling (with high ceilings, the tile-coloured screws will not be visible) or invisibly on the wall.

Wall and ceiling panels

Due to their three-dimensional structure, GEPTO panels have special acoustic properties. GEPTO ceiling and wall panels are mounted on a prefabricated wooden or metal substructure (e.g. G/K board system). It is important that the joists/profiles are spaced at approx. 40 cm intervals and the structure is designed for a load of approx. 30 kg/m2. The installation system is simple and clear so that it is not necessary to call in a specialist team. The GEPTO system will soon be expanded with 40mm wide louvres. In addition, it is possible to use other veneers and decors so that we can adapt the final appearance individually to each room.

Wall and ceiling panels

In the many years of our activity, we have been involved in the import, distribution, production and installation of such wooden products as terraces, facades, floors, stairs, kitchen and table tops, furniture, elements of garden architecture and many other unusual items.

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